We are pleased to announce our new Partial + system. The system is designed to ensure that our boards have the tools to accompany our partial management agreement and manage their building with efficiency and knowledge. The system is designed by a property manager for customers who only have accounting and admin included in their management agreement. Partial + is more than just a mini site, it is a full fledged portal. We have specifically designed the site to be simple to navigate but at the same time it’s loaded with powerful tools to run your building.


Secure Logins

 The board of directors are able to register theirselves into the site. Our site admin will then approve the logins on our side. Once you are logged the board will be able to add anyone they wish to view the site. This information is stored on a secure server to ensure security for our customers.


All Your Documents

The board will be able view and download the crucial documents they require to run their building, Insurance documents, minutes, financials and many more will be uploaded by our staff. the board will also have the ability to upload whatever documents they choose to the system.


Trade Database

One of the keys to a successful property management company is our relationships with our trades. with this function you will have unlimited access to our trades database. Inside you will be able to search trades by what they do, if they have emergency services or their name.

We're here to help

Direct Connection

From the site you will be able to connect directly with a member of our staff during regular business hours. Our property managers are available from 8:30 AM to 4:30 Pm daily to help out with any questions you may have. You will also be included in our 24 hour emergency service.


Everything from our original Partial Management agreement.


•Collection of condominium fees

•Follow up on fees in arrears

•Invoice payments

•Assist in budgeting Process

•Monthly Statements


•Maintain Owners List

• Issue estoppel certificates and documents requested by lawyers, real estate agents ect.

•Connelly will file legal documents i.e. Form 9, caveats,


• Your building will be included in our 24 hour emergency service

• Skype and Webex meetings

• Direct chat on Partial +

• Unlimited daytime meetings


• Over 30 years experience managing Calgary’s condos

• Buying Power

• Trusted in the industry and preferred by trades

• Pro active property management

More About Connelly & Company

Serving Calgary And Surrounding Area's since 1980

Connelly & Company Management LTD. is a condominium management firm in Calgary was formed and became active in October 1980. Al and Colleen Connelly own the Company jointly.

Connelly & Company Management LTD. is a licensed real estate brokerage and is a member of RECA. The Company is active in condominium management only and is not involved in real estate sales or leasing

Portfolio & Staff

The Company presently manages some 150 projects in Calgary including high-rise, town-home, office/warehouse and bare land condominiums.

The Company employs 7 property managers, 4 accounting staff and 1 receptionist.


Leading Edge Technology

We have a conference room that was built for video / teleconferencing. We have WEBEX capabilities for online meetings and collaboration.

We have recently added DA PULSE into our work flow to collaborate with our board members.

We are capable of programming intercoms and key fobs from our office, saving your board time and money.

Email distribution to your owners saving you money on mail outs.

and of course Partial Plus


Phone: 403.228.1557

FAX: 229.0380


#204, 2723 37 Ave NE

Calgary Alberta

T1Y 5R8

More About Connelly & Company

customers who are already on our partial management agreement will be automatically moved to the partial plus system in September. 

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